Literature of imagination

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Imagination is the fruition of our inward notion. It is the garnering of ruminations followed by speculations. It articulates the apprehensions of actuality. It’s redolence wafts around our inner corridors of wisdom. It whiffs the warmness of our soul and sniffs the scorching storm. It converses the literature of our inherent being and inscribes the insights inside. The transgressive language it evolves to correspond is simply literature.

Literature begins at the very sprout of imagination.

It doesn’t require any indoctrination. It edifies itself and traverses the speculations of our heart exceedingly. It often spills out the simmerings of our heart and often soars out our emotions as well. It is not a subject that subjects to get taught. It should evolve inside. The vibes we feel, the chime we hear, the shades we see are the very ingredients that spice up our cuisine of literature.


Literature is the distilled essence of our imagination. It may not pour in, it just drizzles at the dawn. It musters the clouds of muses and mizzles it often. It is unpredictable and untaped aswell. We can’t forecast it, it permutes instantly.  It flows as it likes to be and chalk its own stream. The springs of imagination never go dry and it never drains as well. As our vibes stir up and our wisdom roots deep it yields further and further.

Literature is the nectar churns out by our imagination. It is the freshly tapped piece of art. It is impossibly unique and unequivocally candid.

Start imaging and start your literature… Let’s soar in its savor…

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