How many of you want our children to be the Leaders and how many of you want our children to be the makers of Leaders?

“I’m proud of my child,” says a proud-stricken parent walking aside of me. He was an absolute stranger for me, just met at the school gate when he was waiting for a cab with his two children. He added, their mother will be happier and assuring the children a cheese-bursting pizza for the achievement. 

I can see a thousand stars are roving like a halo up around the children, in their hearts. These are moments of happiness hinted with proud for them. Because it’s amazing to make our parents proud of us, isn’t it?

Just after a short introduction, I asked about the achievement that they made, with my sheer enthusiasm. I love to hear the feats of children. In their early life its good to encourage them to keep their thirst to be more productive.

The man answered me with an enlightened admiration, they scored high, really higher than anyone in the school and above that, they defeated their competitors direly.

I appreciated the achievement that they could score high, but I couldn’t admire the latter stated comment that they defeat their competitors terribly.  

I asked the man abruptly, why did they defeat their competitors when they can win and drink the cup of success together.

This is something serious that we need to discourse within our hearts than agree more with the online chat boxes and forums.

“Let our children the makers of success”

All of a sudden, I could see asked mix of different colors of emotion sweeping over the face of the man, and it reached till to his palm. Rubbing his right-hand palm he gives me an extremely insecure gaze. It thought it was a preparation and an absolute warning to shut my mouth outrightly. 
Never mind, I went forward and ask for an answer again. However, the man made up a reply- “everyone wishes to see their children the best, you cannot understand it until you became a father.” ” its tough to be successful, in this racing and raging society, he continues. I know, how hard I have been doing to lead my life at least to pretend like a successful person, husband, father, entrepreneur, professional and a social animal. 

Moreover, with a friendly brother-like pat on my shoulder he told me-dear brother, is this how you inspire yourself or how your parents encourage you all these while?

Thinking over a sec of time, I realized that, if I would walk alike my father and within the boundaries that he chalked before me. I will also be more like a dead fish. The moment I decided to walk astray from all the prefixed norms and set my feet to a no-way made me write this letter of “How many of us…”

When I start my journey to a NO-WAY, I began not a mere journey to an uncertain destiny but a new and novice walkway that opens a spark of a new path in others life to explore, to implore and to exaggerate.

And above all, I could see a sundry of quirks and learn a lot more metamorphic lessons that can insanely high above.

I shared a snippet of my journey that has been exclusively taught me “How to be a maker of successes rather than a mere success.” It all about the first step. It takes courage, determination and sometimes looks irrational even. But, a subtle streak of confidence to climb the first rung is far enough to show the world, there is a lot of sidewalks to reach our goal.

I told the man, teach the children not only to walk, but also to lead. Teach them not only to leap, but also to push others. Teach the children not only just get inspired, but also be an inspiration.

The man just stands and stumbled. Looks perplexed and take a look around, but he couldn’t find a single living fish swims across. He just smirked at me and snubbed me, said, all are dead fish, why should I then and my children? He walked across the street with a great ambush.

But I’m happy at east i could plant a seed in his hear and yours as well.

thank you

God bless you.

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