The hope that deluge…


hope-2046018_960_720I have been hoping excessively around the season of my life. At the dawn of my life, I have dreamed of a twinkling day with a harmonious dusk. But my dawn incessantly baffled and pilled up with hailstorms. My dreams about life were permuted as the horizon got turned around me. My dusks became increasingly tempestuous.

It is usual that, we hope for a better after better. But it’s desponding, while hopes drowned in the deluge. I recklessly wade harder, but the weather drowns me down all the time. We all are convinced to set our hope that is visible and tangible. We are indifferent to believe out of our boundaries and sight. Then, once it has washed off, we blame it as our fate. You know fate is such an illusion that we have constructed to lay our lost hopes.

Specifically, I  was absolutely confirmed by my future. I’ve planned every single gesture of my life accordingly. It is outrightly in a progressive manner. I’ve confined and tamed myself towards the goal. Apparently, everything seems beelined. I’ve affirmed my suppositions twice. But, end of the day my hopes got overturned and submerged abruptly.

I thought, my genius, my financial backup, my health and my so-called crutches around me will be there for sure. I can’t fail in any life moraines and I used to. I Set my hopes in my materials and relied upon its feasibilities. But nobody stretched a hand to hold me up while drowning, everything around me stood as rubbernecks.

My bank turned their back on me, my kinfolks turned there hands but it all went in vain. Nothing worked out at the brim. The bubbles start to blow out one by one, broken and wrecked, I lost myself. 

I groaned, if only anyone told me before, I would never head for this. Oh, god, why you have been silent these far. You could have given me a hint anytime in between. Now I’m broken and I believed you by far, by at the end, where is your righteousness? what should I do now? What should I tell to people? I’m lost and I’m done.

I heard inward a vox that, Son, I’ve called you innumerable times, but you are confident yourself, I’ve warned you in all your turns, but you are busy finding shortcuts, I’ve pulled you from all the trenches, but you built your own bridges. Your heart has teemed with your dreams and conceptions remained rooted in yourself.  There was no space I could find for me. Your whole self-was packed with your dreams and future.

But do you know there is a hope that never fails us down? never despond us more? And that is everlasting.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”- nothing is impossible for him.


In fact, our hopes on the world detain us from the greatest dreams we have in our life. we hope on the people, the wealth we possess, the power we put on and the stature as well.

The humans we hope will change their oaths, the wealth we hope will perish down over time, the strength we hope will cripple instantly, But, if we dare to set our hope in the creator of this whole being, we will not be knocked down.

We may be wealthy enough, we may be healthy enough, we may be powerful enough. But do not be ensnared in the hopes that the world promises. Do not hope that anything that you possess brings you the fortune. Set your hope in God, let god plan for you, Let god work for you.


“Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off”.

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