The Abundance, unexpected & integrated…


Of all the corners of our lives, there is sort of ambiguous sensations in our notional corridors. Those sensations are likely to confine our abundance in life. We know the savor of joy and being in delight. But, could we ever relished in its abundance. Do we ever be in the abundance of harmony? Abundance is not a bubble of happiness is it the treasure if celebrations. It won’t drain over a season and it never narrows down. It overflows further and flows new brooks of ecstasy in life. And that is out of our hand reach, that is an aisle we need to sail into.

Logically, close to the life, we may feel segregated and suppressed. Our intensities, presumptions, impressions, as well as our interpretations, seem detached. The joy that integrates the life sequences appears indifferent, and it camps aside as a refuge in life.

As the sensations of life fluctuate over time, we keep trying tirelessly towards the shore of ecstasy. But, we slip to notice our yacht leaking. It entails a craft to tackle the wind and sail deftly. So as the emotions in life. The little abundance of emotions has to be integrated collectively to sail it seamlessly.

The reason might be, we have obscured us with the speculations, skepticisms, and ambiguity, we wade ourselves away for the abundance of life. We are obsessed and fretted ourselves over our slipped past and over our uncertain tomorrow. We believe we are vulnerable increasingly age by age. As the seasons of life got adrift, we lose our hopes in the void.

Abundance in life is imperative. Apparently, in every vibe in our life. It begets integrity in life. The abundance of emotions and passions bridge clefts separating our sensations. Our emotions have to spill and flow over abundantly to correspond its intangible waves. As we wade towards the ecstasy of life, we need to blend the little sweets and bitter with the sores in life.

Hence to be abundant, be dare to never fret and be dare to never tire. Step out of the course and outpace the skeptics. Taste all the likely bitter and sore and condition ourselves to all the seasons. Master the craft of emotions and be abundant in all of its flavorings.


Be abundant…Be blessed.


Far away we gonna realize, how did we got ankled by few tiny pieces of science.



Willingly, we are letting and setting us to leap afar as fast as possible. The world is rushing aggressively and progressively every instant. so we are more required to, right?

Can we ever reminisce our forded life and the assumptions we ever had as greatest in life? what was it in our early age and that on our teen and adult seasons? did you ever think we could breach the limits of the sky and could we walk on the outskirts of the moon? Moreover, have you ever thought about the world beats inside our palms and will get trigger by our fingertip. Its all got turned rapidly. The rudimentary aspects that upheld the morality of population as ever throbbing voice upturned over time. Everything got turned extensively in all its guise. So, we as well furthermore.

Starting from the back dates, we can sequence our life and its habitat lucidly. It resembles like the transformation of the numb movies to the sensation of virtual reality. Especially, those we are brought up on the dusk of the nineties and the dawn of twenties. Everything sprouted up lighting fast. The inventions, innovations, and advancements breed up exponentially. Our mode of commute changed, our mode of talk changed, our mode of thoughts as well changed by far.

Yet, the long unresolved solicitude I had inside my dark corners is, why we are being busy to get busy?

All the sophistication and technologies are reportedly supposed to reduce our time and effort. I  still believe so. But what holds us back to get around it? why are we being busy more?

Our walking time got cut down thrice to the early age, our talking time plummeted down significantly.  In addition, our reason time also got lessened in the span of a second, with all the technological advancements and innovations as well.

We never required to heed as our ancestors did, we never asked to plunder into nothing, we never lost as they did. Still, we are short of time. We are chasing the age and I think, that is the only length we lag behind to meet as we eager.

You may imagine, I’m telling, all these progress made us busy and indifferent to the radical fragrance of life. No, of course not, It is us, that let the few pieces of electronics loot our time.

How many time are we smiling at the screen? how many time are we scrolling our phone? It’s innumerable, right? You can announce or renounce it, your free will. Just think, How many time we smiled at our close ones today? How many times you gently pat on the forehead of your lifelong love. Is it coming half the time we did on our phone, is it coming even quarter of it? no, right.

As yet, there is something exist far away from our being fussiness and the stature. Something that can take us off to ecstasy and heartful ethos.

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Just pull aside, start smiling. we are the only species perceives the sense of smile. Take off your eyes from the screens, start your walk and fell the bliss inside you.

Because life is beautiful than you watch on screen.

Voice of Grace

It seems bright and blissful, as usual, the day-star smiled at the east ” farewell ‘orb of the night’. The songs of birds resound the new day waves across the horizon. Noting found uncertain, how greatly God has been orchestrating the cadence of nature.

But, it was indifferent to me. I thought, is god indiscriminate on me or he is also in a harried setting. The whole world hovered over me appears nestled and warm. They all outpacing the burnouts in life. Then, why shouldn’t’ I? Exhausted and oozed out at this tender age. Tried all the way to wade near the fortunes knew. Crossed the trenches vigorously to get off the ground. Still, success persistently slips on my way. Further, I stroke hard to survive on the haste. I obtrude myself into all the cracks. Nothing sorted out my life worthy.

I was pleading, sparing my hours in the church, chanting like all others do. Yet, I remain recursively void in all manner. Everything about to fail, from the heeds to its move, sole life portends the abysses of defeat.

Reminiscing the crossed paths, my heart hooked on a u-turn that I repeatedly scorned on my byways. I have tried everything and worn out almost. Though I have to try a go, I determined. What if the way I choose was wrong since the first step? a rigorous thought has been burning me inside. I pulled aside me, asked myself that, where were I set my foot in the wrong way? Which one was the first wrong? I accumulated all the wrong that I have thought as the right rungs.

I heard a voice again that urging me to take a U-turn. A U-turn from the verdicts of this world, from the assortments, from the assimilations. The words that are not from the created beings, but I understand the words are from the supreme eternal being ‘God’. That voice reverberated in my heart, pulled me down from the heights of despair and utter remorse. It blew my void and flicked my inner blaze and set is ablaze. It wiped my tears and removed my scales. I found it’s the voice of grace. It’s the voice of love that shed for us more than two thousand years ago on the wooden cross.

I felt it as a start over. A new beginning of life. A new voyage to a new fortune. A life with redefined purpose. It’s not the quest of life, not the search for the soul. It is the light of life. Its a journey for eternity. At the most a voyage to the infinite reality.

A writer- Expedition


Writing is an unabridged edition of our notions. It is a passion inked with eclectic ideas. It may drain often and may flood instantly. It may diversify with the season as well. It embraces the views, passions, contemplations, and intuitiveness. Perhaps it holds the grip from all the perspectives of life. The breath of writing ingrains the spirit of being lively. Every writer inhales, not the same air. As the weather seems to permute, the air gets to breath diversify. The sigh of every author inks out creatively unique. Yet, the frame they pause is alike.

As the favorability of season blew on life, the array of skills in every writer differ. The one inhaled the redolence of blooming rose inks out with luring fragrance. Elsewhere, one breath the fumes of dark corridors outflows the quest for tranquility. The emotions and passions are raised and released over the rolled outages in life. Though, I couldn’t agree less, that we sing only in a few pitches.

A writer is a researcher. A writer is an actionist. A writer is an uncut edition of invisible corners of life frames. A writer can pave out his paths lucidly and stream out his words to any freezing nooks around the globe. A writer bridge the moors and brooks of reality. Apparently, every writer has the radical resources to involved in any broad discourses. Nothing can be tame them in skills and their ingenuity. They can flow it out anywhere under this awning of the universe. A writer entwines his life and writing. It gives life to his words.

A writer can foresee the nearing deluge and forecast. They have the ability to upturn the ahead. They have the assorted attributes to regulates the consciousness in society.

Writing demands creativity and novelty. It reflects the inner archives of a writer. It outshines the depth of the author. The conscience of an author ponders for deep springs of knowledge. The craving for the evolving erudition always urges them to delve deep. Hence, for a writer, the matters, and subjects around our stars are way near. It’s a matter of embedded interest in subjects.

It is a walkway of versatility. We can wear the motley suits on the go. The view it delivers is kaleidoscopic as well. The insight it evolves is transcending. Utterly writing is awe-inspiring.

“Sorry”- the very word becoming vicious

It sounds vicious now. How many time do we say sorry more? How many more we hang our heads down? How many candles will we flicker more?

Its been a decade we have been whistling our resentment over the atrocities on our beloved sisters and daughters. Did you ever see any transformation or a cutdown on the numbers? Rapes, harassments, suppressions, abusements are increasing day by day. The humane values of humans are failing by far. They are failing to love, failing to care and failing to share. The time has been breached far before, yet we are waiting for a new star to rise up for us. We might have an ill feeling down from our heart hearing this kind of ruthless depravity. But, why does it never ablaze? Why it becomes restrained to a candlelight? we have a past of blazing kingdoms, with a spark, we have a legacy of unwavering hearts. We overturned authorities, we uprooted outlaws. At the most, being a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic, why we are not able to annihilate this evil from our civilization.

The candle we lit and the roses we laid over each and every sisters and daughter might pity us. The word sorry won’t help here to empathy. The word sorry can’t act here to console her. We have been shedding sorry for decades, we have been lighting candles as well. Yet, we were far away while she was ripped.

It didn’t end in one day, it’s been continued for eight days. she might have screamed and begged for mercy. Her tender legs were broken, her innocent lips were ripped, her fingers were crushed, her body was abandoned. Asifa Bano was her name and she was eight. She was grazing her horses. She was captured, sedated, abused and murdered inside a temple.

She wasn’t a fanatic, she wasn’t an extremist. she knows to smile, she knows to love. Yet, she got tampered inside a so-called house of God. A group of men raped and tortured her for eight long days and killed. The group includes a temple priest as well. The reason told by the butchers are more horrific. They killed her to make the Muslim community afraid.

It’s not about one’s faith. It’s all about one’s heart. why can’t they see the smile on her face? Why can’t they see their daughter on her? In fact, what made them think that she is not a part of our land matters. The world’s largest secular and democratic country is failing to instill the fraternity among its citizens. The country thrived on its brotherhood is depleting in its might in terms of religion.

All religions taught us to love and live in tranquillity. No faith talks us to annihilate others and other’s beliefs. No faith told us to make other’s fear as well.

No words to console her soul and her family. Praying God to mold the beast’s heart to see the beauty of our sisters and daughter’s smile and heart. Praying to the one who they are fighting for, open their eyes to see, all are his creation.


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