“Sorry”- the very word becoming vicious

It sounds vicious now. How many times do we say sorry more? How more we hang our heads down? How many candles do we flicker more for the innocent children?

It’s been a decade we have been whistling our resentment over the atrocities on our beloved sisters and daughters. Did you ever see any apparent change or cut down on the number of attacks?

Rapes, harassments, massacres, domestic violence, lynching, honor killing, suppressions, abusements are increasing day by day. Further, it’s harrowing brutality is insanely growing with deranged motives.

The humane values of humans are failing by far. They are failing to love, to care and to share the innate human qualities that they are made of. But, finding extreme suffice on maligning of humanity.

The time has been breached far before, yet we are waiting for a new star to rise up for us and for the children. We might have an ill feeling down from our heart hearing this kind of ruthless depravity. But, why does it never ablaze? Why it’s always restrained to a candlelight? we have a past of blazing kingdoms, with a spark, we have a legacy of unwavering hearts. We overturned authorities, we uprooted outlaws. At the most, being a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic, why we are not able to annihilate this evil from our civilization.

The candle we lit and the roses we laid over each and every sisters and daughter might pity us. The word sorry won’t help here to empathy. The word sorry can’t act here to console her. We have been shedding sorry for decades, we have been lighting candles as well. Yet, we were far away while she was ripped off.

It didn’t end in one day, it’s been continued for eight days. she might have screamed and begged for mercy. Her tender legs were broken, her innocent lips were ripped, her fingers were crushed, her body was abandoned. #Asifa Bano was her name and she was eight. She was grazing her horses. She was captured, sedated, abused and murdered inside a temple.

She wasn’t a fanatic, she wasn’t an extremist. she only knows to smile, she knows to love. Yet, she got tampered inside a so-called house of God. A group of men ( acclaimed temple priests, devoted believes of the well being of humanity) raped and tortured her for eight long days and killed. The group includes a temple priest as well.

The reason told by the butchers is more horrific. They killed her to make the Muslim community afraid.

How heinous! Can’t even compare to beats that at least care for their kind. They fight for survival and defeat for daily food. We went far down to compare our existence to animals.

It’s not about one’s faith. It’s all about one’s heart. why can’t they see the smile on her face? Why can’t they see their daughter on her?

In fact, what made them think that she is not a part of our land matters. The world’s largest secular and democratic country is failing to instill the fraternity among its citizens. The country thrived on its brotherhood is depleting in its might in terms of religion.

All religions taught us to love and live in tranquillity. No faith talks us to annihilate others and other’s beliefs. No faith told us to make other’s fear as well.

No words to console her soul and her family. Praying God to mold the beast’s heart to see the beauty of our sisters and daughter’s smile and heart. Praying to the one who they are fighting for, open their eyes to see, all are his creation.


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