The Content-Gap Between Writers and Readers: A Brief Analysis

The subtle bond between a writer and a reader evolves from the way the stories are weaved. If the story can touch the emotional points of the readers, the writers can win their spur.

Yes, writing is more like a process of- love at first sight, for the readers!

Unfortunately, many of the writings are missing the point. Especially, when it comes to the flexibility that the writers should’ve to possess while writing in different styles.

Let’s check what are the subtle content-gap between writers and reader

What is essential in a Story/Content?

Writing is a process of out-flowing a story in the most beautiful way. There are plenty of writers who can paint the picture with diverse colors. Some of them use disparate hints and some other paints it with monotonous shades. Yet, at the end of the day, the writer who leaves the snap of his story inside the reader takes the cake.

So, conveying the story in the most convening way involves a lot of ingredients. The sentence structure, word selection, punctuation usage, user-friendly fonts, paragraph arrangement, and headings and subheading framing, etc.

Above all, the essential factor which justifies the purpose of a content is its ‘readability’.

In story/content writing, readability defines the success rate of the content. Moreover, it defines the expertise of the writer to comprehend the readers touch-points. A story justifies its purpose not only when a reader can grasp it at a glance, but, when the content can convey the very meaning as easy as possible.

Contents which serves it purpose without puzzling the readers stands out and gain more receptiveness. Except a small faction of well versed readers, common people are fond of crisp yet contently stories. They need the knowledge but lazy to take a plunge. Hence, as the complexity of the content elevates, the reluctance of audience also spikes to go for a read.

How to improve readability?

Readability is all about being crisp and clear in conveying the story. If a writer can communicate the idea in a way that the reader wish to read it, it meets the purpose. Readability is not just a constraint of a good article rather it is more like the driving fuel of a content. It not only engages the readers but also drives more readership.

The important tweaks that improves the readability of contents are

  • Short sentence: Precise sentences improves readability. It further improves the paragraph structure and the whole appearance of the content. Short sentences make the content more obvious and engaging to read.
  • Elegant words: Word selection is an important attribute to frame a good story. The words that demands a second glance spoils the elegance of the sentence. Using better word choices and appropriate vocabulary enhance the readability of the content.
  • Avoid fluff and Jargon: A good story-appropriate research helps to avoid fluff and Jargon in writing. Keeping the target audience in mind and using proper terms make the content more meaningful and interesting. Plus, remember to use global terms as much as possible.


A good writer should possess the tweaks to improve the readability of contents. To fill the invisible gap between writers and readers regardless of the subject and style, a writer could jot down the story in an understandable way by the readers. However, to achieve this benchmark, writer may self-scarifies their freedom and often requires to break their creative stream.

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