Where Thrill meets Tranquility. Reasons for- why should you come to Kerala?


One of the most relaxed tropical corners of the world flanked by the serene
blue sea and the chilling lush green hills. As a composed green fringe of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala stands out from all other states in India in all aspects. Plus, the rich culture and traditions of Kerala offer a mesmerizing experience for all.

Here are the reasons- why you should visit Kerala

Travel-Friendly 24/7/365 days

You will wonder how this low-land population possesses such an amicable
nature. Acquiring 100% literacy rate, Kerala is an ideal land with a lot of history culture and festivals to explore. Most of the people in Kerala speaks English and have good hospitality attributes.

Also, Kerala is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world. Yet, it has more secure and liberal tourism polices which is more suitable for travelers of all kinds.

In addition, turning almost every tourist-spots elderly and disabled-friendly,
Kerala had pushed themselves to the position of the first state in the country which implements United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s project “Tourism for All”. Thus, Kerala is expanding the facilities for the
tourists to experience the joy of Kerala (God’s own country) for everyone.

Amazingly, in Kerala, nature receives every visitor with a scoop of
thrilling experience. Unlike many other states in India, the climate cycle is
more travel-friendly even when the whole country is under extreme weather strokes.

The Hub of Ayurveda

Since time immemorial, Kerala is popular for its traditional way of
medication practice -Ayurveda. With the aid of ancient scribes and traditional Ayurveda practitioners, today Kerala became the most reliable place to nurture body and mind with Ayurveda treatments.

The moderate climatic condition and the abundance of natural medicinal
resources favor the practice of Ayurveda to achieve the perfect balance to
perform the treatments. Moreover, you can meet experienced firsthand Ayurveda treatment from the legendary Vaidyas(traditional practitioners of Ayurveda).

Ayurveda offers all sorts of treatments that can heal your body and mind at
a time. Most of the best Ayurvedic centers which follow the traditional way of medical science in the country are located in Kerala.

You cannot find any such authentic practitioners of Ayurveda anywhere else in the world. Thus, Kerala is the most favorite destination for many of the traveler’s who love to melt down to the earth.

Incredibly Serene Nature

The views from the lush green high-points drive us to witness the tryst of
thrill with tranquility. The extensive western ghats which are lavish in
natural resources and scenic beauty chill you down to the greenery spanned out across Kerala.

The long stretch of soulful beaches takes your breath over each glance. The line up of exotic beach resorts with private leisure activities is a haven for many of the international travelers.

Of all the exciting experience, a ride across the backwater chain in a
locally built house-boast take you out of the world. The mouth-watering local cuisines and the savory of spicy seafood entrap your hearts ceaselessly.

Plus, travelers are more welcome to experience the local village- life of Kerala. Plenty of home-stays with home-like amenities were a favorite escapade for many international solo travelers.

Rich in Culture and Festivals

The cultural diversity of Kerala is popular, even across the continents. A
lot of travelers were stricken with wonder, how this land upkeep such a
pleasant and peaceful social and political atmosphere. The fraternity among the inland population is high above than anywhere else in the country.

There are innumerous cultural festivals and traditional festivals in Kerala
and each is distinct. Apart from the state-wide festivals such as Onam, each
locality is prolific with diversified traditional and cultural celebrations.
Nevertheless, people are more receptive to adapt new healthy cultures and join the sundry of celebration regardless of any social and cultural barriers.

Final Thoughts:

It would be mesmerizing and each of the moment you spent here would urge you again and again to come back.

Come and see the beauty of Kerala.

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