From the rooftop of a flooded land.

Since the last two weeks, we Keralites are awesomely and inspiringly progressing in showcasing our fraternity. And we were and being uproariously good in keeping it till to date since then, fortunately. While nature unscrupulously conspired with all of its forces to sift our harmony and deluge us. We stood together and fought back with one heart, one soul, and one vision.

As an excentric discernment, we can observe it as a deliberate stratagem of nature to reignite the sense of humanity and remind us what we are meant to be and what we are capable of.

I got this excentric thought because, till then, we all were busy with unfounded potshots, in terms of caste, creed, dialect, culture, and beliefs right before this catastrophe. We fought each other, we throw muck against each other, we rebuff others conceptions and beliefs, we throned over our own conceit. We were busy with grading and sentencing our fellow co-beings. We relished in flacks and gossips. We forget to love, we forget to care, we forget to help. Instead, we fought ineptly. We have forgotten that we are humans with a beating heart and soul. 

We ruthlessly crushed and irrecoverably deluged. Each drip of the rainfall that was chilled us till the last season turned its back to us. They deliberately gathered to witness our extinction. It drowned our harvest and left us homeless. Unfortunately, our streams, hills, and springs succumbed to the cataclysm.

We are a land of misers in hatred and prolific in Providence, yet we have our pet peeves. we are called as “GOD’s OWN COUNTRY” in all our leeway. We never expect this evil guest on this very festive season. It was strange and we stumbled upon the terrible atrocities of its wrath. We have never been familiar with the roughness of the raindrops that cuddled us at the dawns before and we are never been aware of the frosting light of the sun. We have been fenced by the western ghats and bordered by the splendid oceans. we are having a tranquil life for decades. And this was an untrodden menace for us, rigorously.


While we stranded hopelessly between the hills and the valleys, we gnawed out and stretch our hands as far as possible, but the hands that are supposed to hold us up deftly ignored us, and throw us some piece of withered vines as if “climb up if you can”. While our fellow counterparts drowning and desperately struggling for a puff of air. They played piety politics and hatred. The strong hands that supposed to be our vines of hope shake us off further.

All these crippling and disheartening moraines that pierced our hearts in-depth.

Further, few good hearts wrote “GOD’s DROWNED COUNTRY” and filled the bellies of the cow lovers with gratification. As we are deluging day by day, few are busy with the funeral rites for our land and for us. Anyway, we don’t have any grudges for those follies. Because we are rich in love and loud in forbearance. Though, we are intolerant towards intolerance as well. But we will never forget to remember you. We will reach for you at the time you need help. And we share our food and time with you, abundantly.

But in fact, all these despises ignites our blood and heart together. We realized we are a family with the same culture, dialect, creed, and caste and we are humans. The only species who can think and show mercy and support their co-being. We are not beasts, for watching out the misfortune helplessly. We are crafted deftly by the mighty god with all the attribute that he himself has. We can act, we can serve, we can help, outrageously.

We hold our hands together, we raise our voice collectively, we moved our feet as one. And we overpassed the rasping of the voracious flood. Our houses became the godown, our Facebook became the data centers, our WhatsApp serve as control rooms and above all our bosom fisherman brothers became the disaster management force. Along with the youth and prolific hearts around our land, we muster the essentials to feed and cloth them. Our schools became shelters and our temples turned to camps.

Inevitably our peacekeeping and emergency response forces act their part at full swing and spared numerous lives alive. We realized the true being inherent inside us. This is what we humans are meant to be, to help, to hold, to care, to love and to forgive.

Yeah, now we discerned what has been our creator instilled inward us. No one can knock us down more. The GOD’s OWN COUNTRY never got forsaken, we will thrive further than our early grandeur. We will out show what humanity meant to be.

We will overcome.

God bless you all…


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