The spring of happiness… A quest by walk…

On the pursuance of discovering the spring of happiness, I’ve met a sundry of personages wobbling for the same, across the planet. A massive number of them are tired of trying in pursuing its nectar. Most of them found lost at its lower ridges. Some are slipped from the penultimate turnouts. I have seen numerous downfalls along the far-flung road. The urge to won out the ultimate bliss in life seems spiteful to its seeker. Yet the tenacious hearts kept their steps after the transgressive emotion.

Out of all other seasons of emotion, happiness has an uproarious leeway, ’cause it shrouds all the abstruse weathers of life and gleams our life far near to the brooks of gratification. NN


I took a diversion from the highway of happiness. The terrains seemed a bit jungle in the first quarter, then its turned into a rumpled moraine, painted with stream flow. I have seen a few skeletal remainings resembles the same as of my co-beings. The skeletal remainings have been hemmed with the woods and sediments made a warning post to me. But it never swerved my surge to slurp the nectar of joy. The urge to keep that feat in my armpit has even been flamed my ember inside. I made my way further…

Above all, the native art of nature has seized the frills and furbelows of my heart and soul. The spiky rock fringes, the slippery marble ways, the cliffs and skeletal warnings have seemed as the architectural excellence of our parent nature on my screen.

The tributaries of my soul delved into every shades and cavern, and they resorted inside to delight their hearts. And they never forget to bring a copy for my records. The commotion of the waterways soaked my heart with the lucid music of nature. Neither sounds obnoxious there for me nor seems hatesome as well. Each pace drowns me into the abyss of an unknown sensation. I moved me avidly. I put my pantaloons off, touched the warmness of its soul, it evolves a fountain inside me, I filled and spilled up from the down.

I saw its crown, I heard its cadence, I perceived its resonance, that was the nectar I sought after, that was the spring of joy I longed for. I couldn’t hold myself, I leaned over the reef, and it whispered in my drums…

” The spring you sought has been inside you, the instant you rose to feel me; it starts the flow from your soul, You are the spring of your life. Go, waft it out to the outer corridors of your sequence of life, so, the world can sip it from the shores of your tributaries… Live your life, enjoy what you have… #BeBlessed…


God bless you…All…

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