Womb to home-A snippet of life.

It seemed like a novel and a blurry world for me. The murky flushed fluid that I got soaked had been evanesced, the codes that entwined me tight had also been get released. The vined walls that cooped me have cracked. I’m unleased to nowhere. Now I’m out of my indigenous cage and unboxed as well. I’m pulled out of my home, the couch I have been nestled since I sprout.

I slipped into some dilemma, I didn’t get any idea to outdo. I felt numb and scared as well. All of the sudden someone held me up and hanged upside down. Someone has been hitting my bottom ruthlessly. Up from the below, I retorted “brutal creature” greeted me with heartless blows and uttering something obscurely either. I thought I had been hijacked by some crazy sadists. I got trapped into somewhere, I assumed. My god, what I have done, I’m just sleeping inside on my couch? You said you are sending me to a land that been composed by yourself.

I’m not able to see anything, everything has seemed as bleak. The lights have blinded me downright. I could barely see some wrapped shapes are moving.

I screamed and outpoured a mournful squall with all my horsepower. Thought someone will come from the dreams I had been seen since last months, to rescue me. My tough has been quivering inside my mouth. I kept scream again and again. I’m scared, and I got hurt on my bottom as well. It was hurting more than flesh and blood can stand, indeed. I kept screaming.


Then I was carried to another, and she was lying down with stretching hands and welled up eyes. But it’s not getting clear to my eyes. She touched my fingers, I was entirely wrapped up in a pouch. At the prime touch itself, something flashed inside my consciousness and crossed some visions inside. Yeah, I know this touch, I know this warm, and I know this cadence of heart as well. I sensed the same warmness that I had inside my cocoon. I felt homey on her bosom. I’m home, she nestled me on her soul. And she is the MOM, the home that God has kept to drains out all our pangs and peeves aright. The earth that drinks out all our tears and restores us at best. The breeze that caresses at our hazy eves. The exclusive bless from the author of this orb.

#Thank #God #YouNeverDespondsUs

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