Abundance is providence- nothing else

An abundant greeting for all…..

Musing around all the so-called exemplary traits in my crossway, I found I’m running short of abundance. I found few griefs and inhibitions topped with a disguised smile on the way. I assumed life is about diversified seasons. At the summer it warms us up, at winter it freeze us out and at spring it will flourish us. There will be times that wither us down and there will be times that sprouts our life. In progressive prospect, I believed in the seasons afar.

I’ve been dreaming of relishing in life seasons. I have been waiting for the Autumn to shake off the odds and soak in sunlight, but it burns me out. Winter is no different, as well the spring. Later I realized, global warming has been distorted the egalitarianism of weather.

The credos I manifested to leap in life turned over. It rushed over me as a summer storm. Washed off my suppositions and crippled my emancipation. The summer stormed and the winter desiccates me. My hopes seem just hypes to convince inward.

The abundance I believed not convincing be further, It seems pliant and infected by lurking ill omens. As “only an empty stomach search for food” I started searching for the tangible joy and its abundance as well.

My thoughts got twained. The outer part clings to the self-indulgence and the inner core waits for some insights. The struggled incessantly for a long time, later the inner thoughts overlived the outer. It shed a light inside my soul. I found myself stranded between the unseen hopes of abundance and inherent quirks of my visible life.

I found a spring that flows endlessly, a light that glows ceaselessly and a vine that fruit immensely. I chose the pavement to the unseen hopes of abundance.

And there I found the fountain of abundance, there I found the savor of ecstasy. It was free of cost as well. It cost nothing to surf in it. It was the providence of the ever greatest creator of my universe.

The world we see and we live is a bubble dream, I realized, infallibly. Everything has been disguising us. The dreams and hopes we built up are in vain unless we found our sole base. The unfounded fortunes we stacked up will blow out and leave us unsaid, indeed.


But the abundance of his grace is more than any art in our stars. It is the utmost delicacy I have ever tasted. Its seasons are endlessly ineffable. It cant be distorted and never be swayed. It showers only favorabilities and it flows luscious alone. It is abundant in all its season. It’s weather relish us in ecstasy. That is the savor of my heavenly father.

But, what it cost to take it to our taste buds is, nothing else, an abiding heart and soul. A willing consciousness to follow his steps and an empty heart to fill his grace. It is deeper than oceans and higher than our reach. It is abundant all the way and it is his providence. The providence for who seeks him and abides in his grace.

Seek him and taste his abundance. Be blessed.

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