Far away we gonna realize, how did we got ankled by few tiny pieces of science.



Willingly, we are letting and setting us to leap afar as fast as possible. The world is rushing aggressively and progressively every instant. so we are more required to, right?

Can we ever reminisce our forded life and the assumptions we ever had as greatest in life? what was it in our early age and that on our teen and adult seasons? did you ever think we could breach the limits of the sky and could we walk on the outskirts of the moon? Moreover, have you ever thought about the world beats inside our palms and will get trigger by our fingertip. Its all got turned rapidly. The rudimentary aspects that upheld the morality of population as ever throbbing voice upturned over time. Everything got turned extensively in all its guise. So, we as well furthermore.

Starting from the back dates, we can sequence our life and its habitat lucidly. It resembles like the transformation of the numb movies to the sensation of virtual reality. Especially, those we are brought up on the dusk of the nineties and the dawn of twenties. Everything sprouted up lighting fast. The inventions, innovations, and advancements breed up exponentially. Our mode of commute changed, our mode of talk changed, our mode of thoughts as well changed by far.

Yet, the long unresolved solicitude I had inside my dark corners is, why we are being busy to get busy?

All the sophistication and technologies are reportedly supposed to reduce our time and effort. I  still believe so. But what holds us back to get around it? why are we being busy more?

Our walking time got cut down thrice to the early age, our talking time plummeted down significantly.  In addition, our reason time also got lessened in the span of a second, with all the technological advancements and innovations as well.

We never required to heed as our ancestors did, we never asked to plunder into nothing, we never lost as they did. Still, we are short of time. We are chasing the age and I think, that is the only length we lag behind to meet as we eager.

You may imagine, I’m telling, all these progress made us busy and indifferent to the radical fragrance of life. No, of course not, It is us, that let the few pieces of electronics loot our time.

How many time are we smiling at the screen? how many time are we scrolling our phone? It’s innumerable, right? You can announce or renounce it, your free will. Just think, How many time we smiled at our close ones today? How many times you gently pat on the forehead of your lifelong love. Is it coming half the time we did on our phone, is it coming even quarter of it? no, right.

As yet, there is something exist far away from our being fussiness and the stature. Something that can take us off to ecstasy and heartful ethos.

images (1)

Just pull aside, start smiling. we are the only species perceives the sense of smile. Take off your eyes from the screens, start your walk and fell the bliss inside you.

Because life is beautiful than you watch on screen.

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